Žáner: dark metal
Krajina: Slovensko
Mesto: Bratislava


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GALADRIEL is dark metal band from Slovakia founded in July, 1995 by vocalist and bassplayer Dodo Datel, guitarist Voloda Zadrapa and drummer Victor Gieci. The first musical direction of the band was doom metal with heavy and melodic influences. In 1996 female vocalist Sona Witch Kozakova entered the band and this line-up later supplemented by guitarist Chulo Malachovsky recorded thier first album "Empire Of Emptiness". GALADRIEL started the cooperation with british record label Unknown Terriotry Records which release also their second album "The Mirror Of Ages" (1999) and third album "Oblivion" (2000). The most important point in the early history of the band was entering guitarist Tomax Gabris in late 1997. Tomax and Dodo became a strong creative duo in their 17 and 20 years reaching for new horizons. Their cooperation expanded on fourth album "From Ashes & Dust" (released in 2002 by Slovak label Metal Age Productions). In 2003 GALADRIEL overcame the hardest changes in their line-up when Sona Witch Kozakova, keyboardist J.S.K. and drummer Victor Gieci left the band as a result of disability of communication between band members. Duo Tomax and Dodo enhanced by guitarist/keyboardist Matus Hanus created album "World Under World" (released by Metal Age Productions in 2004) supported by couple of guest musicians. In 2005 Tomax Gabris decided to left the band and focused on different musical activities. Dodo Datel and Matus Hanus rebuild the band and brought female vocalist Sona Witch Kozakova back home. With another guitarist Skkipi Skuppin in line-up band recorded succesful album "Renascence Of Ancient Spirit" (released by Metal Age Productions in 2007) which was marked as an Album of the year in Czech and Slovak chart of Slovak magazine Rock Planet. As the existence of the band is like fire and ice, so there were some line-up problems again. In the late 2009 guitarist Tomax Gabris returned to the band and replaced Skkipi Skuppin. The writing process of new songs was little bit difficult because the line-up was unstable but the band definitelly entered the recoding studio in spring of 2012 to record their 7th album "The 7th Queen Enthroned" released in November 2012 by label Gothoom Productions.


Current line-up:

Dodo Datel - vocals, bass

Sona Witch Kozakova - female vocals

Tomax Gabris - guitar

Peter Lipovsky - guitar

Matej Ferianc - drums

GALADRIEL - Dark Metal Band