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Gothoom starts after a 2-year break

The Gothoom Festival has had a break for the last 2 years for the Covid Pandemic. We believe that everything will be fine next year and we can make 11 years. All tickets purchased for the festival in 2019/2020/2021 will be valid for Gothoom 2022. We bring the first confirmed groups.

SUFFOCATION confirmed their premiere participation in our festival. Terran Hobbs' death metal team combined round comes to show off his technical death metal.



DRACONIAN finally comes to Gothoom. We all love Draconian and their gothic doom metal are looking forward to their big show.


ORIGIN extremely technical death metal kicks everyone's ass. It will be a real massacre.


FLESHCRAWL were supposed to perform at Gothoome as early as 2020, but due to the pandemic, we moved it to 2022. Meanwhile, the group was hit by a tragedy in the form of the death of the singer of the group Sven "Svenson" Gros, but the band does not give up and come to us to perform the best old school death metal.


PASSENGERS IN PANIC is still an unknown group from Greece in our region, but the fact that they play drums with NERVOSA note means that you definitely have something to look forward to.