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Actually we are adding 3 groups

With today's news we will take a trip around Europe and pick up a few more melodic participants for our festival. Gothic elements and female vocal are ingridients that WEEPING SILENCE from Malta add to their doom metal. They released their new album "Opus IV Oblivion" record this year and have in the past worked with Anders Jacobsson from Draconian.


Germans STEEL ENGRAVED, who played on the "floating" 70000 tons of metal festival, will bring a taste of more classic metal genres and their fast riffs will be accompanied by some typical high pitched vocals.


DAYLIGHT MISERY come from Greece and with them, they will bring their doom metal, which doesn't forget to include gothic guitar motives and sometimes get faster and touch the boundaries of death metal. We hope that these bands will contribute to the variety of our line-up and next time we'll get back to our traditional brutalities.