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Black Christmas !!!

ROOT, SVARTIDAUÐI, MORD'A'STIGMATA and PROCH. What could be a better time to add four black metal bands then right before Christmas? Of course after they dropped out from this year's line-up due to an unfortunate traffic situation, it is necessary that we will welcome ROOT with their epic and monumental take on the genre on the upcoming edition of the festival. With 30 years and 10 albums under their belts, Czech masters are once again roaming the land of Kärgeras and it is basically impossible that they could disappoint.


After Zhrine and Sólstafir, we have another guest from isolated island of Iceland for you. SVARTIDAUÐI will bring you to your knees with their relentless and cold black metal that is also precise and discordant in all the right places.


The influence of post metal is audible in the works of Polish MORD'A'STIGMATA. Although their current new record is called "Hope", it is rather gloom or hopelessness that is present in their atmosphere. Dark emotions and clever use of slower tempos will show us that black metal can take many forms.


From the same country but with black metal that is raw and dirty, we will welcome one newer and less known act called PROCH.


The darkness of the highest quality; that is also what our festival is about. ROOT, SVARTIDAUÐI, MORD'A'STIGMATA and PROCH on GOTHOOM 2018!