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Blackmetal warm up is complete

Today, we will once again make some dark souls happy. If that's even possible. Swiss duo BŐLZER is true to the legacy of the roots of extreme metal from the 80s. In a dirty production, primal energies come into existence in a black/death form. It is not an accident that they toured Australia with Behemoth and Watain. Their live show promises and extraordinary experience.


INFERNO is a band that is a long-runner on the Czech metal scene. In accordance with that, their genre has matured into a combination of a traditional, fast black metal with its more atmospheric and ethereal version. The last addition is a "home" one. 2016!


NEVALOTH from Zvolen, Slovakia will have a short trip to the festival area and they will bring their version of black which includes traces of avant-garde, technical and disharmonic playing with them.


Fans of black metal, you will love what our festival will offer you. BŐLZER, INFERNO and NEVALOTH on GOTHOOM