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Christmas offer death metal

A lot of people from Slovakia spend their summer holidays in Croatia, so we decided that this year, we will do it the other way around and bring some Croatians here. What do you say? INFERNAL TENEBRA probably won't bring any Mediterranean specialties with them, but what they will bring is melodic and technical, but highly catchy and crushing death metal. The release of their fourth full-length called "As Nations Fall" is prepared for January and that means they will have a lot of new stuff to choose from for their Gothoom set.

infernal tenebra band

Our scene is this time represented by R.E.T. or REACTION EXTASY TRANCE. A band that started back in 1989 as a heavy metal outfit that later transformed its sound into the doom metal form. R.E.T. play doom that combines traditional elements of the genre with many other influences and thereofore the result is doom metal that is rich and colorful. During the days of our festival, it will be already 27 years on the scene for this collective, so we cannot await nothing less than a quality show from experienced musicians.


DEMONICAL, INFERNAL TENEBRA a R.E.T. on GOTHOOM 2016! And Merry Christmas by the way.