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Closing lineup for 2020

For starters, we have a few not so pleasant news. As we already mentioned, some changes to our line-up cannot be avoided. First news is concerning Draconian. They had to cancel their appearance on Gothoom due to the singer Heike, who cannot get to EU because of invalid working permit until 2020. We arranged that they will appear on our festival in 2021. Another band which we will not see is Taipan. Their singer underwent a kidney transplant and he cannot leave USA for a year due to medical checks. As well as with Draconian, Taipan will appear on Gothoom in 2021.
Bands Assassin and Darkness will not be able to be added to the line-up due to planned vacations of the band members, but we will also see them the year after. We are very sorry but sometimes we can't control what happens. We will add the last bands while keeping one-two spots empty for bands that will be on a tour. So, with that being said, the bands that will finalize our line-up are Russian ARKONA with their pagan folk metal


home deathcorists STERCORE,


Czech blasphemers DYSANGELIUM


their more melodic countrymen ARCH OF HELL


and finally death metal from Slovakia from FAMMA.


I think that even though there are unavoidable changes there is once again a lot to look forward to.