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CZ/SK Gothoom

Today is a good time for the next dose of our homemade metal, because Gothoom is also about the very important support of Slovak and Czech bands. With these additions we will also experience a nice shift through genres, or even in the approach to music as such. We begin in Moravia. MALIGNANT TUMOUR will bring their very own successful mixture of their grind roots, crust and an extreme version of "rock & roll" by which you will feel as if Lemmy was standing right behind you. In the upcoming year, the gentlemen will celebrate their 25 years on the scene and that's a very nice achievement. During that time, they managed to go through a development into the position where they have a solid fanbase as well as calendar full of shows all around the continent and further. Their experience will definitely be transformed into a perfect show on our festival.


Our next guests will arrive from Czech Republic as well. ANIME TORMENT devote themselves to a bit more complex forms of extreme music. Their death metal is a combination of straight forward and more complicated parts. We will experience their most accurate face in the upcoming weeks when they will release their new single. They will have quite a long way to us, but a warm welcome of the enthusiastic Gothoom crowd will for sure pump enough energy into their bodies.!


From today's new additions to the line-up, the band that is furthest from the traditional metal spirit are definitely HOLOTROPIC. Our stage will once again welcome their harder to grasp extreme metal which doesn't really keep in one mood or genre boundaries and doesn't respect song-like structures either. After band member changes, they will work on the follow up to their debut "Permeate" and will bring with them a taste of new material, which in case of bands such as this can be of any genre for that matter.