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CZ/SK grindcore & Hardcore

We don't want to omit the fact that Gothoom will always be focused on the "homeland" bands as well and therefore today we'll add only Czech and Slovak artists. The first band will come from Czech Republic, they'll in overalls and they'll come in overalls tainted with brown... yes of course we are talking about a phenomenon of the current scene GUTALAX. Gore grinders with the love for bowel movement-related themes gain fans all the time.


Genre and personally related, but thematically more serious, that's how one could describe our next guests. ATTACK OF RAGE, a stable member of Slovak scene promising a perfect live show every time. Unrestrained grind core, not lacking energy, catchiness but most importantly the fast paced parts that make every grinder so happy. This side of their music is supported by the one and only, tireless Hoyas, who is not only a manic extreme metal fan, but also helps those in need with his charity Celestial Help Fest.


We'll return back to Czech Republic for a fine dose of angry hard core. That will be delivered by gentlemen from poetically named band, NATURAL BORN FUCKERS. The band came into existence only a year ago and includes members of Gutalax, Who Killed Marilyn? or Never Hope. Their straightforward and pretty heavy HC will for sure create a lovely moshpit under our stage. GUTALAX, ATTACK OF RAGE and NATURAL BORN FUCKERS on Gothoom 2016!