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Dark October

Today, we will mostly delight the fans of death metal and its combinations with other extreme forms of music. From Germany, we will host the European kings of technical brutal death metal DEFEATED SANITY. They have surprised us with their last, very untraditionally approached album „Disposal of the Dead / Dharmata", which is basically a split of the band with itself, presenting two very different forms of the genre. We can think about how they will surprise us for the upcoming months until their appearance on our stage.


A very specific clash of death, black and post death metal, that's ZHRINE from Iceland. Their debut "Unortheta" belongs to the best of what extreme metal produced in previous year. The music of these islanders is dark, enchanting and works flawlessly with emotions. Their show will captivate you from the first moment and won't leave you until the end.


A more melodic, straightforward and thrashy version of the genre will be brought by experienced Austrians from DARKFALL


and traditional brutal death will be served by Welsh SODOMIZED CADAVER.


A portion of death metal under the castle, DEFEATED SANITY, ZHRINE, DARKFALL and SODOMIZED CADAVER on Gothoom 2018!