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Death metal storm

It may not seem so but after today we will already have 26 bands in our line-up. 26 bands from all over the world, 26 bands from all over the realm of extreme metal genres. Even that's enough but the numbers and variety will only grow from now. Today, it will be mainly about death metal though.
Not many bands can claim that they were there at the beginning or that they have defined some (sub)genre. GRAVE can bravely say that. When they released their debut at the beginning of 1990s (with bands like DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED or UNLEASHED), they created the basics of the unparalleled Swedish death metal. Genre that influenced a tremendous number of other bands. Even now, 11 full length records later, their music has that same dirty charm and they will showcase it on our stage.




From Germany, we will welcome a band that has not had a lot of luck with the name choice in their beginnings. They started as Morgöth, only to change this to Suffocation. We all know that these brands have been popularize by totally different bands. They finally found their luck with the moniker FLESHCRAWL. They stayed with it until today and recorded 9 full lengths of properly old school death metal with it; including this year's "Into the Catacombs of Flesh".


Old bards as well but this time of US brutal death metal. That's INTERNAL BLEEDING. Uncompromising straightforward rhythms, blast beats, mid-tempo as well as HC influenced catchy parts and slams. The quintet from Long Island has all the necessary tricks to put on a great live show.


French death-black machine SVART CROWN will show us their unparalleled combination of blistering black metal storms, deathly twisted parts, tribal moments and an abundance of atmosphere. Everything respecting both classic and modern school of extreme metal.


Today's quartet of bands will be finished by less experienced but so much more enthusiastic Austrian bunch called CYROX. Under the moniker "Pure Austrian Metal", they combine straightforward and melodic death and thrash metal elements.