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Gothoom 2016 first published group

The sixth edition of Gothoom festival ended just a month ago, but the preperations for next year have already started and first names can be revealed. And this time, the start will make especially the dark souls happy because Gothoom will host two of very important and classic black metal acts. One, a traditional representative of the Nordic school, another from a bit more exotic southern scene. The mighty and uncompromising MARDUK, present on the scene for 25 years already, are always able to take down everything that stands in the way of their relentless performance. Their current record "Frontschwein" is the proof of it.


A bit different genre path has been chosen by the Greece's very own ROTTING CHRIST under the lead of charismatic frontman and composer Sakis Tolis. Being on the scene even three more years than their Swedish counterparts, they know when to crush, but also how to colour their songs with catchy parts, strong melodies and hypnotic sequences.


The classic duo will be enriched by one different view on the genre from Austrian HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY. A duo in the studio, live a quintet, is devoted to black metal with a depressive touch, combined with elements of post rock and ethereal guitar melodies. And this is only a beginning. Let's hope that the number seven in the name of the festival will be really lucky and another great names of the metal world as well domestic scene will follow.