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GOTHOOM 2017 started !!!

Ladies and gentlemen. It has been more than a month since the gates of this year's Gothoom festival closed. All the pictures, videos, reports but mainly your own memories will remind you everything that has happened but we need to look forward. Because 20th of July 2017, the date that sets the beginning for our next edition, lies exactly in that direction. Therefore, it is about time to start unveiling first bands that will visit our premises. We'll start with a trinity of experienced bands. Firstly, let's welcome KRISIUN. These Brazilian fans of uncompromising death metal belong among those artist that were able to get to the mark of 10th record in their career and for the whole time not getting off their path. That is also why they got the respect of the worldwide extreme metal scene.


To add one more deathly legend, we present you MORGOTH. The band that has been here since 1987. The pause they made in 1998 didn't harm anything, on the other hand, it has only helped their cult status a little bit more. This status has been confirmed by their latest perfect album "Ungod".


With the 8th edition of Gothoom, we will continue to stick to the tradition of black metal day that will start the whole event. Our first participant for that day is from Poland. Duo MGŁA has gained attention of a big portion of fans thanks to their most current record "Exercises in Futility". Six unnamed tracks connect all the best element of the genre.


We have started our journey to the next festival and we will only go up from here. KRISIUN, MORGOTH and MGŁA on Gothoom 2017!