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GOTHOOM 2018 start

It's not so long ago since we discovered the great new festival grounds in Revištské Podzámčie and we can already look forward to the next year's edition and think of what it will bring. After the first set of bands on the line-up, we can confirm that it will for sure be a great ride. We will experience the living legend that has such destrcutive power on stage that it puts many young bands to shame. No one else but kings of Polish death metal, VADER, will pay us a visit.


From the same country we will also welcome a much slower, post metal combo OBSCURE SPHINX. They are one of the recurring bands of Gothoom festival because the show they offer is unprecedented.


Let us also welcome a band that had a bit trouble when it comes to categorizing, CLOUDS. They come from 5 countries and play really variable form of doom metal ranging from soft, nearly post rock parts, to crushing funerl doom. All that with members of bands like Shape of Despair or Barren Earth.


Home scene will be represented by PHANTASMA which will base their set around their first legendary records "Welcome in Heaven" and "Jazz for Jesus".


Gohtoom open air 2018 from 5th to 7th July in Revištské Podzámčie!