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Gothoom doom

The speed is not the only important thing in metal. In order for the fans to have a break from crazy moshing and have a chance to calm down a bit, we will add a pair of doom acts today. Well, no one has ever said that you can't make a circle pit on a doom metal show, of course. Our first guests do not live in an exactly sad environment but they prove that you can compose sincere doom on Balearic Islands as well. HELEVORN have been perfecting it for three albums to this day. Their version of the genre had a gothic touch in it and heavy slow parts are being enriched by nice melodies and calm clean vocals of Josep Brenet. With the moon in its right place, this will be a memorable experience.


Domestic scene will have its representative in form of the band most close to the festival – DOOMAS. Their variable doom reaches from catchy melodies to the disharmonic ugliness of the single "Forlorn". After the release of their second album "La Muerte", they have taken their music to places not many Slovak bands get to play and starred on many European music festivals. Gained experience is undisputed when watching the band live. We'll see what they will come up with to the next summer. HELEVORN and DOOMAS on Gothoom 2016!