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New areal GOTHOOM


As it was promised, with the arrival of a new year, a new place for our festival will be announced. We are used to overcoming obstacles and we were not surprised that we had to look for a new piece of land where we will celebrate our small Slovak metal holiday. Our aim to keep the event in the middle of Slovakia so that everyone has it close has been met. Gothoom festival of 2017 will take place in Revištské Podzámčie. In the area of Drevenice Revište, next to river Hron, only 4 kilometers from Žarnovica, under the castle of Revište, embraced by beautiful countryside and just a minute from the highway. Lovely surroundings and great location for all. We are looking forward to seeing the place full of enthusiastic metal fans and enjoying the splendid atmosphere which travels with Gothoom from place to place.