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Festival tickets

Tickets for the festival for 60 euros are sold out. Now the tickets can only be bought on the spot for € 65 per cell for 3 days.

If you arrive on Friday, the ticket for Friday-Saturday is 55 €

Overnight tickets

Like every year, we decided to sell tickets for each day. Tickets are for the price of 45 euros per day. The festival is 95% sold out, so we sell only 50 tickets a day.

On entry you will pay € 65 and you will receive a overnight tape that will be returned after the program ends. you will cut and return 20 euros. It's mainly because we don't have to search for people in the neighborhood. The refund of the ticket is limited to 02:30 the following day. So from Thursday to Friday 02:30 and from Friday to Saturday 02:30. On Saturday, you pay only 45 euros.