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First groups on Gothoom 2024 added

Old school fans pay attention. Today it will be mainly for you. Full and dirty sound of guitars, equally roaring bass, drums alternating fast bursts and rolling passages and above all one of the most legendary voices of European death metal history. Of course, it's the Dutch regular ASPHYX, and that throat belongs to none other than Martin van Drunen. During its career, the band alternately existed and did not exist, but at the moment it is fully functional and very active in concerts. So we can expect that whatever songs they choose from their 8 long-playing albums, they will present them uncompromisingly and in a way that befits one of the original bands of the entire genre. Fighters for true death metal ASPHYX at Gothoom 2024!


DEAD CONGREGATION - dark DEAD CONGREGATION will return from Greece after 6 years


HIDEOUS DIVINITY - a new wave of death metal from Italy.