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The black autumn in Gothoom

So, we are already out of the first edition of the cheapest tickets and we cannot be happier about your reaction to our first announced bands. We believe that the upcoming ones will not fall behind. We proudly announce that we are adding Athenian mystics SEPTICFLESH to our line-up. They will bring a new show with their currently fresh album "Codex Omega" which means a nice portion of symphonic and heavy death metal with unrivalled atmosphere.


Strong atmosphere is also part of the otherwise brutal Germans MAAT. They have succumbed to combining death metal with oriental melodies.


True old school rawness, chainsaw-like guitars and tunes crushing everything in their way. That is ENTRAILS, a band that started in 1990, yet their first full length is from 2010. Sometimes, it's just worth the wait.


At last, the fans of dark genres and H.P. Lovecraft should pay attention. We will welcome another German representatives, masked blackers from CTULU. They enrich their dark mass with traces from death and thrash metal.


From different corners of Europe, we will welcome different sorts of quality extreme metal. SEPTICFLESH, MAAT, ENTRAILS and CTULU on GOTHOOM 2018!