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The first group on GOTHOOM 2019

So, we haven't even noticed it but yes, we are starting to spin the wheels of the tenth edition of the Gothoom festival already. The festival is finally rooted under the ruins of the Revište castle and we only have to fill its premises with a great line extreme metal line-up once again.
Let's start with one of the biggest stars. We will welcome a legend, masters of evil and sharp as well as heavy and dark black metal under the rule of Lord Ahriman. Swedes DARK FUNERAL have released "only" 6 long-playing records in their 24-year-long career but it doesn't change the fact that they acquired legions of devoted fans which will experience their uncompromising and dark melodies on our festival as well.


JWe are also honoured to welcome reunited Swedes from VOMITORY with their exclusive show in our country for 2019. Gentlemen play, with a little break, their brutal rendition of Nordic death metal, which they actually helped to form, since 1989 so the fans of raw death metal with no gimmicks will definitely be in safe hands.


Next representative of the north comes in form of death/black horde NECROPHOBIC. They are on the scene since the same year as their fellow-countrymen above, but that doesn't stop them from releasing high quality albums including this year's praised record "Mark of the Necrogram".


BENIGHTED also began as a black metal band and when you pay attention, you will find its elements in their crazy deathgrind mixture. Their music is looser and alternating rounds of death metal and grind core combined with a master of extreme vocals Julien Truchan work on stage 110%.


They should have visited us this year. They didn't made it. They will come next year. CLOUDS will present us their view of doom metal which travels from soft post rock parts somewhere to the edges of funeral doom. Scattered all along Europe, the band consists also of members of Shape of Despair or Barren Earth.


DARK FUNERAL, VOMITORY, NECROPHOBIC, BENIGHTED a CLOUDS – – first wave of bands for Gothoom 2019!